About Business Centre Limited

At BCL, we design, build, sell and support business networks. We make technology simple, so that you can focus on your business by providing managed services, professional computer network consulting, integration, service, warranty and post-warranty repair and support services.

Tie up with the Original Equipment manufacturers such as FORTINET, SOPHOS, HP, IBM, DELL, LENOVO, EPSON, APC and software developers such as Kaspersky, GFI, Rapid 7, and other Agents or Distributors in Uganda ensures that BCL Sales and supplies value added products to its clients at the lowest cost of ownership backed by well versed marketing executive and technical support team.

Expert IT support from Business Centre Limited takes the focus off your technology problems and puts it back on what really matters in your business.

Sophos Company, secures organizations with its wide range of product offerings at the network gateway. Sophos leverages the power of multi-core processors, offering enterprise-grade performance, in its appliances.

Sophos’s product offerings include:

All these services can be got at Business Centre Limited.

Our Location

8th Street, Plot 3, Industrial Area,
2st Floor, City Star Building,
(Next to Monitor Publications)

Our Phone & Email

Phone: +256414349755, +256312262487
What's up: +256701460004
Email: bcl@bclug.com

Our Working Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 5:30pm
Saturday: Only available for critical service, support on request
Public Holidays: Closed

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About Business Centre Limited

We are ICT SYSTEMS INTEGRATING company in Uganda providing strategic implementations and operational solutions for Corporates, Financial Institutions, Government bodies, Universities, etc. whose aim is to maximize performance in both analog and digital economies. BCL brings together and implements end-to-end, the world's best technologies.